Visa Processing

You need a visa to travel to a foreign country, there are different types of visas, The study visa, business/tourist visa, etc. For the purpose of Education, you will need a study visa. Different countries have different immigration laws governing the visa application, in the US and Canada, you need to do an interview, while in the UK or Dubai no interview is required. 

You should also keep in mind that certain immigration laws come with these visas. things like the kind of work you are allowed to do, the hours you can work per week, the duration of your stay, etc. All countries have such laws and it’s of paramount importance that you obey them to avoid any penalties. 

Another thing to keep in mind when applying for a visa is the timing. although some  countries will require you to first get admission and pay a full or half tuition fee before applying, it’s still very important to time your visa application rightly to avoid any unnecessary complications


In the UK there are 3 types of study visas; the Standard Visa which takes about 3 weeks to obtain, the priority visa which takes about a week to obtain, and the Super priority visa which takes only  24 hours to obtain. They are no interviews for a UK visa. Also, you have a 2-year post-study visa to stay back and work after your studies. 

Required documents

  1. Sponsorship letter
  2. Consent letter ( if the student is below 18 years)
  3. CAS statement 
  4. TB test
  5. IELTS UKVI Academic result
  6. Sponsor’s ID card
  7. Student’s Birth Certificate
  9. Sponsorship letter
  10. Consent letter ( if the student is below 18 years)

Note: The document listed above may vary based on your peculiar case. so you should contact an expert on the visa matter. You have nothing to worry about because Zeta Brent Education has got you covered. We have a 95% visa success rate over our 12 years of experience so when you apply for a visa through us it’s almost guaranteed that you will get it.     


As an international student, you will need to obtain a study visa (F1 visa) to study in the US. You will be required to fill out some forms and present some relevant documents and do the visa interview, which can be very cumbersome, but luckily for you, Zeta Brent Education has got you covered.

Documents for a visa are:

 For graduate 

  1. international passport
  2. School transcript
  3. School certificate
  4. SEVIS fee receipt
  5. I-20 
  6. Visa fee payment receipt 
  7. Curriculum vitae
  8. GRE/GMAT and TOEFL result 
  9. Bank statement 


For undergraduate 

  1. international passport
  2. SAT and TOEFL result 
  3. I-20
  4. SEVIS fee receipt
  5. Visa fee payment receipt 
  7. Bank statement


The process for the Canadian visa application is Similar to that of the US. but the minimum time for a Canadian visa to be ready is 4 months. With proper documentation, the visa can be successful. You will also have to be interviewed to decide your outcome. But, you have nothing to worry about because, with expert guidance, proper documentation, and preparation success will be guaranteed. 

Documents for a visa are:

  • LOA
  • Bank Statement


UAE visa takes between 3 weeks to 1 month to be ready. you will be given a tourist visa for 3 months, when you arrive at the school they will convert it to a study visa for you. The visa is not done by Nigerians it is done by the school itself. UAE does not give work permits to students but you can still work as an intern. You also get a 2-year post-study visa to work after your studies. 

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