If you live in Nigeria, chances are that you know about the dilapidating Education system, poor learning environment, poor facilities and infrastructure, low quality of education, insecurity, and ASUU strikes. For these reasons, Parents strived to send their children abroad to get better Education in the hope of a brighter future.

Also, when you look at the world rankings for Schools there is almost no hope for Nigerian Universities. Even some of the private universities that charge excessive fees are still vastly below standard. So, it is very accurate when I tell you that if you want a good education for your child then you should consider sending him/her abroad, to give your child a high-quality education, diverse courses option, opportunity to learn an international language, and a certificate that is recognized all around the world to name some benefits.

After surveying Parents in Nigeria on the reason why they won’t send their children abroad, here is the result we obtained. 56% of the parent said they can’t afford it, 33% said they don’t want their children to be “spoiled” while the other 11% gave other reasons.

  1. Studying Abroad is too Expensive

Among the 56% of parents that said they couldn’t afford to send their children abroad, 76% admitted that they don’t know that they can obtain scholarships and discounts from these schools abroad, 13% admitted that they didn’t know that there are cheap world-class schools over there. Only 11% could not afford it due to financial difficulty.  

The truth is that you can get amazing scholarship opportunities and discounts depending on how good your child’s result is. Also, some schools are relatively cheap, even cheaper than some of the private universities we have here.

As for the parents that said they don’t want their children to be overexposed All of them admitted that they don’t know that these schools have strict rules that stop students from going out of the campus and that they can find guardianship with the school for their child. However, I think this excuse holds your child back. With all the technologies and social media today, the world has become a global village. children are exposed to all sorts of things even in their father’s house. So, the solution is not to keep them beside you 24/7 but to give them good home training and hope for the best that your child will raise against the tide of time.

Ok, this one is kind of true, but you don’t have to be discouraged because Zeta Brent Education is here for you. We are going to do all the heavy lifting for you, all you have to do is to give us the document we will require from you, and then you can sit back and relax while we do our job. We are affiliated with the schools and have smart professionals that will take care of the whole process. We also have well-trained professionals that will conduct tutorials for your children to help them pass the required examinations.

Ok, that is just not true. The quality of education in Nigeria is not as it used to be in the 90s while the quality of these schools abroad has only gotten better. Countries like the US, UK, Canada, and UAE have some of the world’s best institutions and the certificate is recognized globally.

Your child won’t be alone, he/she will be among their peers in the hostel. This is a chance for them to grow and learn about other cultures, and also learn how to live with other people that have different backgrounds than what there are accustomed to.  There is also the option of getting school guardianship for your child to help keep an eye on them.

If you are from Nigeria, it is unlikely your child will be having such a problem because Nigeria is an English-speaking country and the majority of the schools abroad speak English therefore, your child is going to be alright. Moreso it’s an opportunity for him/her to perfect their English and even learn a foreign language from their colleagues.

For a country to be legible to accept international students, there are certain conditions that it must meet, and one of these conditions is that it has to be safe and be able to provide security for the students. The government of these countries and the respective schools have strict measures in place to ensure the safety and well-being of the students. So, you don’t have to worry because your children will be safe.

The world has moved on from the virus and we have learned to live with the virus. We have accepted the new normal and have moved on. With each passing day more and more borders are being opened and more and more countries are accepting new students. At the time of this writing, all the top countries such as the US, UK, Canada, and UAE are accepting international students. So, you need not worry about the pandemic hindering your child from studying abroad.

Getting admission abroad can be tricky but there is a way around it, which is allowing the professionals at Zeta Brent Education put in the application for you. Here at Zeta Brent Education, we have 97% admission success when applying for our clients and a 95% visa success. So, there is a very good chance that if you choose zeta brent education, your child will join our long list of success stories.

  1. Racism

Racism and police brutality is such unfortunate occurrences that have plagued the whole world. Even in Nigeria, there have been several accounts of Police brutality. But with each passing day more and more measures are being put in place to tackle it. Also, your child is unlikely going to face such discrimination because the schools have strict measures against that which contribute to bringing it down to the barest minimum. Again, your child will be among other people of color some of which are even Nigerians so he/she will not be alone.

Sending your child abroad does have its vices but generally, I believe it’s worth the trouble because the numerous benefits have far outweighed the vices. Here are some of the benefits of sending your child to study abroad.


  1. High-quality education: – it is no secret that the quality of education in Nigeria is not as it was in the 90s, and by sending your child to study abroad he/she is going to get the best standard of education that can be recognized globally. Countries like the US, UK, Canada, and UAE have some of the best universities in the world.
  2. Makes your child more employable: – Studying in some of the renowned schools around the world makes your child more employable because the certificate will be recognized all around the world. And having a better background he/she will stand out from their peers.
  3. Gives your child international exposure: – Students from all around the world meet in these schools to study which can give your child a lot of exposure and learn about different cultures and traditions from around the world.
  4. Diverse course option: – your child will have a variety of specializations to choose from even more than what we have here in Nigeria. And any course he picks he is going to have a world-class knowledge about it.
  5. Opportunity to learn an international language: – How cool will it be for your child to learn how to speak an international language? Very cool right? When you sent your child abroad, he/she would meet a lot of other international students from all around the world which allows him/her to learn an international language.
  6. An experience of a lifetime: – One day when we get old, we look back at our lives for the experience we have lived, and studying abroad in a foreign country is a sure way to create memories and gain experience because during weekends and holidays you will have the chance to go into the town, and experience new life, culture, food, and lifestyle.

Ok, let me be honest it’s not all good when it comes to studying abroad. the processes can be very overwhelming, cumbersome, and time-consuming. In some cases, even impossible. And often the children will need additional tutoring to pass the examinations required to get admission abroad. This makes the whole thing even more difficult.

Luckily Zeta Brent Education has got your back. we can help you with all you need for your child to start studying abroad. Ranging from Exam registration to tutorial to visa processing to finding on-campus or off-campus accommodation. We can also help you get scholarships and discounts for them to study in some of the best schools in the world.

We are a very reliable and accountable agency. We have a 97% guaranteed admission and 95% visa success. We work hand in hand with our parents and students, delivering top-notch services, and matching the individual needs and priorities of each student to the requirements of a suitable

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