Student Accommodation Booking

At Zeta Brent Education, We understand that suitable student accommodation is paramount to building a solid foundation for academic success. So we take a vetted approach to ensure that we give you a home away from home in a beautiful and calm setting. 


types of student accommodation

As an international student, you have different options to choose from when it comes to student accommodation. You can stay in the 

  1. school hostel
  2. host family
  3. private accommodation.


The school accommodation is self-catered and fully furnished, it also has shared kitchens, laundry facilities, internet access, on-site or on-call security, on-site hall managers, CCTV, and/or electronic door entry systems. the hostels are also within walking distance of the campus.  the private accommodations are also clean, comfortable, and furnished to good standards. 


student accommodation safety

All the school hostels are governed by the UKK student accommodation code of practice.  which ensures student accommodation is safe and of high quality. while the private accommodation adheres to the ANUK National code. And if you have a child that is going abroad and you don’t want him/her to stay alone, you can get him/her a host family to stay with.  Generally, we encourage new students to consider living in short-term accommodation, such as a hostel or host family, when they first arrive. Zeta Brent Education can help you with any of the above-mentioned options, all you need to do is to contact us.


factor to consider when selecting an accommodation

If you want to get accommodation by yourself we recommend that you should follow the REPAC approach to identify an accommodation that suits your needs and supports a positive education experience. Below is the breakdown of the REPAC approach. 

Research all accommodation options 

Establish your budget 

Patience will be required before finding your accommodation. 

Avoid extended temporary accommodation

Caution must be shown to avoid costly mistakes. 

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