What is TOEFL?

TOEFL means Test of English as a Foreign Language; it is a standardized test used to test English proficiency in non-native speakers. It is owned and managed by Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Where is TOEFL accepted?

TOEFL is accepted in all countries except the UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales).

What is the purpose of TOEFL?

TOEFL is used for schooling purposes only.

Is TOEFL paper-based or internet-based?

TOEFL is internet-based, objective, and results can only be downloaded after thirteen (13) days. It is also known as iBT (internet Based Test).

How many parts is TOEFL divided into?

TOEFL is divided into four parts:

  • Listening:2-3 conversations are listened to by the test taker and then questions are asked on the conservation heard and responses given.
  • Reading: consists of questions on passages which is read by you and answered correctly. Prior knowledge of the subject is not necessary.
  • Writing: measures the test takers ability to write
  • Speaking: involves the test taker speaking into a headset with a microphone and answering the questions listened to. The recorded response is sent to ETS’s Online Scoring Network (OSN) and evaluated by three to six raters.

The listening, reading writing and speaking tests are carried out at the same time with fifteen (15) minutes break during the test.

How is the speaking test conducted in TOEFL?

You speak into a headset with a microphone that would be provided for you.

How long do the listening, reading, writing and speaking tests take?

The test takes about four hours (4hours), with a 10-15 minutes break within the test. Please note all tests are taken on the same day.

What is the band scale for TOEFL?

The TOEFL iBT test is scored on a scale of 0 – 120.

NOTE: 100 and above is a good score while 80-99 is an average score.

When is TOEFL written?

TOEFL is written around the year, but you must register for the examination five (5) weeks before an intended period to get a good and suitable date and location.

Where are the centres for TOEFL located?

TOEFL centres are located around Nigeria.

Can I reschedule the TOEFL examinations?

Yes, you can but, it has to be done seven (7) days before the test date, at an extra cost to be borne by you.

Is it important to register for TOEFL tutorials?

Yes, it is important because, the tutorial shows/teaches you the technicalities involved in answering the questions given; knowing when to use compound-complex sentences, compose proper sentences and use high-level words.

Is there a fee for the tutorials?

Yes, there is a fee for the tutorial and classes are made flexible to suit the student. Dates are given to the student to pick and decide what works for them. The classes are held on an hourly basis, and billing is done hourly too.

Are there materials made available to the applicants?

Yes, some materials are made available to the applicant, both online and offline at a cost. The material given for TOEFL is “Kaplan iBT” which contains CD’s (for listening exercise/practice) with past questions. There is an official guide that can be made available on request as we do not stock it.


What is a score report?

This is the result score gotten immediately after the result is released; it is a score sheet of your performance; it can be automatically sent out to the desired schools if selected at the point of registration. You can send up to four (4) score reports automatically at no extra charges when requested at the point of registration (at the point of filling the form) but, if the score report is requested after the date of release (after the form has been submitted and exam taken), it attracts an extra fee.

When should I expect my result?

Results are made available for download thirteen (13) days after the test is taken; the hard copy can be picked up at their office posted to the mailing address stated if desired.

What items are you expected to take to the examination venue?

Your valid ORIGINAL International Passport and admissions ticket (generated after payment) is required and should be taken by the test taker to the test venue on the day of the test.

Can I rewrite the examination if failed?

Yes, you can; but you are advised to wait twelve (12) days after the test date before commencing a fresh registration. If you do not have that patience/time, then you are advised to use a different email to do a fresh registration.

Is there an age range to take the tests?

No, there is no age range and can be taken by undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate applicants.

What is the score validity?

The grace for the score to remain valid is two (2) years.

NOTE: Purpose of travelling and country of choice is highly important to know before the journey of travelling commences. Every case is treated differently, no two cases are alike

Pros and Cons of TOEFL and IELTS





Pro: Objective.

Pro: Objective.


Pro: Test is internet Based.

Pro: Test are both computer-based and Paper Based which is written with pencil


Pro: All tests are done on the same day within four hours.

Con: all tests are not done on the same day.


Pro: TOEFL is less stressful because you have just a day to write your test and four hours to complete the test.

Con: IELTS is stressful because you have to be available 7days prior and 7days after the main test to take the speaking test.


Con: Results are not seen immediately after the test is taken until after 13 days.

Con: Results are not seen until after 13 days.


Pro: Results can be mailed to your mailing address.

Pro: Results are delivered to your address at your convenience.


Pro: The cost of registration and test is cheaper compared to IELTS.

Con: The cost of registration is costly compared to TOEFL.


Con: Exam cannot be used in the UK

Pro: Exam can be used all over the world


Con: Exam is limited to only Studies purpose

Pro: Exam can be used for both studies and immigration purposes


Table: Comparing TOEFL & IELTS