What is GMAT?

GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test. It is a Computer Adaptive Standardized Test (CAT). This means that the difficulty of the next question will depend on how you performed in the previous question. It is intended to assess your analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills in written English for use in admission processing to a graduate management program, such as MBA, Master of Accountancy, Master of Finance programs, and other Management programs.

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Why Is GMAT Important?

GMAT is used in admission processing into MBA, MIM and other management courses. You can also obtain scholarships and discounts if you score high marks on your GMAT exams. It also enhances your chances of getting accepted into the program. 

How Does GMAT Work?

GMAT is a computer adaptive assessment. This means that the difficulty of the next questions will depend on how you perform in the previous question. The test lasts for 3 hours and 7 minutes with 2 (8 minutes break) between the sections. GMAT has four sections.

  • Analytical Section: In this section, you are to determine the reasoning behind a provided argument and write a critique of it with examples and explanations. 
  • Integrated Reasoning: This is designed to test your analytical skills to solve complex problems. You will be provided with data in various forms by processing and extracting relevant you choose the right answer. 
  • Verbal Reasoning: Here you will come across reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction questions. The aim is to test your grammatical and linguistic skills. 
  • Quantitative Analysis: This section will test your mathematical skills and contains 31 questions you have 2 minutes to answer each question. the section is divided into 3. arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.

Countries that accept GMAT

GMAT is accepted by a large number of Universities in over 114 countries. It is accepted by most of the top schools in the UK, USA, and Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions

200 – 800 with a good score ranging from 556 and above.

Schools offer MBA, Humanities, and Arts courses, but can also accept science and social science education in some cases.

For a result/score to be accepted, it is widely dependent on the schools been applied to.

The entire test takes between Three hours, seven minutes (3hrs7mins) to three hours thirty minutes (3hrs30mins) with a break of one minute (1min) between tests and ten minutes (10mins) before the third test during the exams.

GMAT is written in Abuja and Lagos (Mainland and Island) in Nigeria. GMAT can be written multiple times depending on the availability of the centres.

The score result validity is 5years.

Yes, there are materials that are made available to the applicant, both online and offline at a cost. The material made available for GMAT is “GMATTM Official Guide” which contains CD’s (to be used for listening exercise and practice) with past questions and test taking strategy.

  • Sixteen (16) days; it can be rewritten if failed with an interval of Sixteen (16) days but, not more than eight (8) times in a year. This applies to the test taker that cancels the scores on a test taken previously.

GMAT is computer-based and the result can be viewed immediately after the test is submitted but, cannot be downloaded until after thirteen (13) days.

Yes, it is rescheduled but, has to be done seven (7) days before the test date at an additional fee.

  • Form filled at the office/on-line/school is the only document used for registration.
  • Data page of the International Passport is needed at the point of registration for verification of the Client details.

Your valid ORIGINAL International Passport and admissions ticket (generated after payment) are the documents required and should be taken by the test taker to the test venue on the day of the test.

Yes, it is important because, the tutorial shows/teaches you the technicalities involved in answering the questions given; knowing the best way to answer and respond to questions asked.

Yes, there is a fee for the tutorial and classes are made flexible to suit the student. Dates are given to the student to pick and decide what works for them. The classes are held on an hourly base, and billing is done hourly too.