At Zeta Brent Education we have an excellent, hard-working, and experienced customer service team, committted to your goals and needs. The process of studying abroad can be very cumbersome and tricky, so it’s understandable if you are confused about where to start. 

Knowing the kind of difficulty people go through during their study abroad process and also understanding how crucial it is to make the right decisions, Zeta Brent Education has provided a team of experienced individuals to ensure you have a seamless study process. All you need to do is to contact us,  for a FREE counseling session. 

Below, you will find all the information that will guide you through your journey of studying abroad.  

The process of studying abroad is pivotal, encompassing decisions on the choice of course, destination country, and institution. While these choices are personal, there are essential factors to weigh before making them. In our commitment to ensure you make well-informed decisions, we provide complimentary counseling services. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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Free Education counselling on the choice of school, course, and country. During these sessions one of our experienced counsellors will guide you through the whole process, as you would have found out by now it’s a very long and critical process, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. things like career opportunities, duration, culture and many more. So set up an appointment with us so that a counsellor will be assigned to you. This service is free.

We also help with admission processing, after making all the crucial decisions, of what to study, where, and how, now it’s time to put in the application. For the application process, there are a lot of things that are needed, such as a personal statement, transcript, passport, etc. We will put you through everything you need to do and for steps that your attention is not required, we will do it for you. 

We allow students to come to our office and use office facilities such as computers, wifi, desk, etc, for the purpose of Exams, training, tutorials, etc. 

We render consultancy services to private individuals, government parastatal that wants to sponsor their staff to go for training abroad, and organizations. We also partner with sister agencies that may have clients that wish to obtain admissions abroad. 

We also render visa services. After gaining admission the next step is to apply for a visa because as you know you need a student visa to study abroad. We can help you process your visa for the US, UK, Canada, Dubai, and France. 

At this stage, you must have picked your course and school, gotten admission, and obtained a visa, so the next on the list will be to book a flight and accommodation. We can also help you with it, before picking where to stay there are some key factors that you need to consider and we will go through them together. All you need to do is contact us.

Congratulations you are now well on your way to achieving your dreams, but before you go, we will like to give you some orientation. It’s going to be fun I promise. Just contact Us. 

Study Abroad Processes

When you make up your mind to study abroad, the first step to take can be very confusing, But you have nothing to worry about because we have got you covered. Below you will find a detailed description of everything you need to know to start your study abroad process.

  1. Select a course of study: the first thing to have in mind is the course you will be studying. if you need a guide on these, keep reading we have got you covered. 
  2. Put yourself first: Make sure that whatever choice you make is based on you, your passion, and the condition surrounding you. Because it is you that will go through the course, therefore you should to the one to make the decision.
  3. Do your research: the truth is that there is a lot of information online, and not all are true. it only takes someone with an internet connection to put out information these days. so whatever you see online. Do your research and verify it.
  4. Consider your interests and hobbies: Do you have any interests like sports, music, etc. consider that as it will help you when you want to pick a school.  
  5. Attend University fairs and open days: sometimes these schools come to Nigeria to organize fairs and open days where you can walk in and ask them questions. if you are interested in such fairs follow us on social media as we use to announce if one is going to take place.
  6. Contact Zeta Brent Education so we can start processing your application. we have a 97% admission success rate and a 95% visa success rate over our 12 years of experience. 

But if you wish to put in your application by yourself here is the process you need to start. 

  1.  Select a school you will want to study at.
  2. Go to their website and check their requirements. 
  3. Get all the documents required. 
  4. Start the application.
  5. Fill in your details and upload your documents.
  6. Wait for 2 to 3 months for feedback on your admission.

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Course Selection

The course you choose to study mostly determines your career path, so you must pick the right one. Unfortunately, you are the only one that can make this decision, and rightly so because you must choose the course that you like not the course you think you have to study. For that reason, only you can decide for yourself, but we can help you with the list of factors to consider so that you can choose the best course for you. 

Below is the list of factors to consider before selecting a course to study. 

  1. Your passion: before picking a course ask yourself this, are you passionate about it? or are you being pressured into it by society, peers, or parents? this is important because you are the one that is going to go through the study process, again, studying abroad can be costly, so when spending that kind of money make sure it’s on something you are passionate about. 
  2. Career Opportunities: Passion alone is not enough, what you are going to study should be lucrative. there are a lot of courses that are good overseas but are not lucrative in Nigeria. so you will want to check and make sure that if you study a course they are employment opportunities for such a course in Nigeria should in case you decide to come back and work in Nigeria. 
  3. Course Duration: this is not very important. But shouldn’t be ignored. because there are some cases where you will find the same courses having different durations in different countries. For example, Medicine is 6 years in the UK and 8 years in US and Canada. so you should check out all these details. 
  4. Consider your Budget: When it comes to studying the range of tuition can vary greatly even between schools in the same country. also, you should keep in mind that aside from tuition fees you have other expenses such as accommodation, feeding, and transportation. Health is covered by your Visa so you don’t need to worry about that. 
  5. Search for schools that are offering the course you have in mind. After considering all the other factors the next thing is to find the schools that offer the course. after doing that you will now be ready for school selection. 

School Selection

After picking a course is now time to pick a school. Just as it’s the case for courses school selection is also very important for the reason we will discuss later. school selection is not as career-defining as course selection. but whichever school you pick, you will be stocked in it for the next 3 years at least so you must get it right.  

The following are the factors you should consider when selecting a school to study abroad.

  1.  Language: Before selecting a school you should research the language the school is using, even in non-English speaking countries you will find schools that teach in English. But if you are interested in learning another language then you should consider that when picking your school. 
  2. Get your facts right: As I said earlier, there is a lot of information on the internet, and unfortunately not all are correct. So any information you see make sure you verify it. you don’t want to miss out on a school of your choice, or an exam because of misinformation.
  3. Put yourself first: In any school, you should have yourself in mind because it’s you who is going to the school. Don’t just pick a school because someone you know attended that school, pick a school only when it fits your needs and is suitable for you.  
  4. Consider the course you want to study: I believe that by now, you must have picked a course. if you don’t check where I talked about COURSE SELECTION in this article. The course you pick will guide your choice of school. Because some schools are known best for some courses and in that case you will want to pick that school if that’s the course you are interested in studying.  
  5. Use multiple sources to carry out your research: like I said earlier get your facts right. and one way to do that is to use multiple sources for your research. Because if everyone is saying the same thing then it’s most likely the right thing. 
  6. Check the school requirement: At this point, you have finished vetting the school it’s now time to check if you meet their requirement. you can check these requirements by visiting their website. 
  7. Consider your Budget: There are a lot of very expensive schools abroad, and if you know you have the budget then you should go for them because these expensive schools are often the highest-ranked schools. but if your budget is not that big then there are relatively cheap schools that you can find that are also highly ranked, so you will want to go with them. 
  8. Attend University fairs and open days, occasionally, these schools use to come down here to organize a fair where they will answer any question you might have for them. if you are interested in such events, follow Zeta Brent Education on social media, so that anytime they are having such an event we can announce it over our social media channels. 

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