If you are interested in studying abroad, the most important step is to secure admission. People often think that getting admission abroad is difficult, but that is wide off the mark. All you need is a good and reputable agency like Zeta Brent Education to run the application for you. The amazing part is the application is mostly free except for USA and Canadian schools which require application fees.

This is the most important aspect as far as studying abroad is concerned. And as a result, it is the most delicate and complicated step in your study abroad adventure. So it is very advisable that you consult an expert before going through this step.  Even if you are applying by yourself apply early, But why would you want to apply by yourself, when we can help you with your application at no extra cost? 

You see these schools understand how tricky it can be for an international student to go through the whole application process by him/herself, that’s why they partner with consultancy agents like Zeta Brent Education to help you with the processes.  

These consultations are at no extra cost to you. This means that even if you will apply on your own, you will spend the same amount of money as you would when we do the application process for you. The only difference is that if you apply through an agency you will have an expert over your shoulder to guide you in contrast to doing it on your own.   

Whether you want to apply by yourself or through an agency you should apply early to beat the deadline. The deadline is normally 10 before the begging of the school term, this is especially true for competitive schools. And the competition is proportional to the rank of the school. meaning the high the school is ranked the higher the competition. and the lower the ranking the lower the competition. and as I would guess you will prefer the highly ranked school which makes it very important that you apply early 

Students are often fond of waiting for their WAEC results before putting in an application, but that’s not the best way to go about it because you can apply for schools even without your WAEC result. The offer you will be given is called a conditional offer,  and the WAEC result will be one of the conditions of the offer. meaning that you will need to provide your WAEC result at a later date to satisfy the condition. 

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The requirements for graduates is slightly different from that of undergraduate. But they are documents that are general for both graduates and undergraduates. The following are requirements for admission application. 

  1. Personal statement:-  A personal statement is a type of essay that a student is required to write when applying for a school or scholarship. In your personal statement, you are expected to state a little bit about who you are and demonstrate that you are a good fit for the program.  
  2. International passport:– The data page of your international passport is also required for the process. you are also required to o with it to the exams hall. 
  3. Recommendation letter:- You are expected to submit a recommendation letter from your school, place of work, or someone who knows you very well. 
  4. Curriculum Vita:- This is for graduates only. You are required to submit your CV  
  5.  Transcript:– Both graduates and undergraduates are required to submit their transcripts. Undergraduates are to submit their SS 1 to SS 3 transcripts while graduates are to submit their degree transcripts. 
  6. English Proficiency Exams:- if you are traveling to an English-speaking country from Nigeria you are required to write an exam called An English Proficient Test. this is to test your English language skills. There are different types of English proficiency tests but the most popular ones are IELTS and TOEFL 
  7. Application Fee:-  If you are applying for schools in the US or Dubai you will be required to pay an application fee. But the application is not much it ranges from $100 to $200. 
  8. Bank Statement:- You are required to present a bank statement showing at least 50% of your tuition fee plus living cost. living costs include accommodation, feeding fees, transportation, books, etc. 
  9. Birth certificate:- For undergraduates, you are required to present your birth certificate to prove that you at up to 16 years. 


  1. Select a course of your choice: The first thing to have in mind when planning to study abroad in the course of study. You have to choose the course to study to put in an application. If you don’t have any course in mind you have nothing to worry about because we can guide you through the process of course selection. 
  2. Pick a school you will like to study at: After selecting a course the next step will be to choose the school to study at. this choice of school will be guided by the country you want to study in, the course you selected in the previous step, your budget, and in some cases your results.
  3.  Read and understand their requirements and deadlines: This is very important because some schools close intake very early and you wouldn’t want to miss it. and coincidentally most of the highly ranked schools close their intake very early mostly 10 months before the beginning of the school semester, so you need to read and understand the requirements.  
  4. Prepare for the English proficiency test: As I stated earlier when you are traveling to an English-speaking country from Nigeria you need to write an English proficiency test. 
  5. Prepare the required document:  Put together the documents that are required for you to present. find the list as stated above.
  6. Register for any required exams: Some schools require you to write certain exams. For example SAT, some schools require you seat for SAT as a condition for getting admission. 
  7. Put in the application: Let me not be at risk of stating the obvious but after the previous step it’s now time to submit your application. and if you are sure that you follow the previous step correctly then you should expect to get an admission. 
  8. Schedule a Visa appointment: for you to obtain a visa into Canada and the US you need to go through an interview in the embassy. The outcome of the interview will put the final nail in the coffin, it will determine whether you will get the visa or not. 

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